Sunday, January 02, 2011

Welcome 2011. Our family has made several goals for the New Year and are excited about the new adventures we may face. Our goals are:

1) To try and make a difference in the world whether through volunteer work or other options we encounter.

2) To lose weight and become a healthier family.

3) To go back to school and better our education.

4) To read a book a month to better our knowledge and understanding.

5) To go on our first family vacation.

Jaxon is not included on the weight loss part, because we are hoping that he stays healthy and gains more weight this year. It has been fun to be together over the last week and not have to go anywhere. We have done loads of puzzles which is now Abby's favorite thing other than Art projects. We have played in the ice and snow. We have shoveled and shoveled to get the ice off the driveway. We have watched a few movies and played with our new toys. Abby loves the dollhouse just as much as Jaxon loves hiding her dolls and throwing her furniture around. Boy he learned early about teasing and picking on your sisters. He loves to crash his trucks into everything. Mom has spent the time throwing old things away and organizing the house. It is amazing what you may find in boxes from when you were a child. Dad will be going back to work and the days will be filled with business and the fun things we all encounter as parents. We hope that all of you have set your sights and goals high for the New Year. We wish you all good health, happiness, and adventure.

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