Monday, November 01, 2010

We thought you might think these short videos were cute. Jaxon couldn't figure out how to bite the donut, so he licked it. Enjoy the magic of Halloween through the eyes of a 1 year old, and a 4 year old.
What an amazing weekend to remember. Although I am not so sure that I like the extended weekend Halloween thing, we did have fun though. Here are some of the quick documented pictures of the event. Since when you tell children they will get candy, they don't really sit nicely for pictures. So we will start with the 20 minutes that we stayed at our ward activity.

We thought we would document the creativity of some of the cars. Jaxon wasn't sure about all these scary things, but the one thing he did understand this year is the CANDY! He even threw his first fit with mom, because I was so mean and wouldn't let them have candy all the time. They get one piece a day, so we will have plenty of candy now through Valentine's Day. This guy offered Abby extra candy if she would grab the bone skeleton hand, and she said no way and went running away.

I think it is so fun when people go out of their way to make their cars cool. It was a cold night, but because we went on Friday at least we didn't get rained on.

Jaxon's first fishing adventure. There wasn't very much for the kids to do. When we went to the church, everything was definitely for ages more like 8 and up. Haunted Houses with people grabbing you, smoke and spiders, so this wasn't really the event for the kids. They did get to fish for a prize though. A paper plane.

Jaxon in his White Tiger costume. He was called a zebra all night long, but oh well he loved it and he was able to stay warm.

Here is our Abby the Snow Princess. I don't think she will ever grow out of the princess stage. A mixture of Hannah Montana, all the Disney Princesses, and a lot of girly make-up and perfect hair. She certainly did not get that from me, because for those of you who know me I hate make-up and stuck up brats.

Here Abby was fishing for a prize and she caught the game Crazy 8's. She says she played it at Grandma Sue's house, so she is very glad that she can play it at home now. Glad simple things are still what makes her happy. I don't really want her to grow up too fast.

They are both doing the cake walk. This wasn't very fun either, because the cakes were kinda gross, and not everyone won. They at least could have given away mini-cupcakes to everyone who played or a treat. Our favorite comment of the night that we overheard said to a family in our ward was, "I'm sorry you are in active, you can't come to this activity." Needless to say this wasn't a great event.