Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We are so grateful for this time of year and for families and loved ones. We spent this Thanksgiving with the Wiscombe clan: Grandpa Papa Brent, Grandma Robin, Uncle Brent, Uncle Brandon, Uncle Brian, Aunt Heidi, Cousin Carlee, Cousin Brylee, Uncle Bryce, Aunt Christena, Aunt Cassandra, Aunt McKayla, Bradly, Abby, Jaxon and myself. We all had a great time and are grateful to be in good health and to have family close by to spend time with. We want everyone to know how grateful we are for everyone who has touched our lives. We are very grateful to live in a country that is free, where we can choose what to do and how to live. We are grateful for all who have served, who serve, and who will serve to fight for our freedoms. We are grateful for life long friends, no matter where they are we love you. We are grateful for another safe year, and want all of you to know we send our love and gratitude and thankfulness your way. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

This is Abby's best friend Moroni Benjamin Arciniega (Moni). We have know Michelle Cottam Arciniega for many years, and we are grateful for all she has helped our family with and for the amazing friendship she offers us. When Michelle married Ben we got to add him to our friend list, and then when Moroni arrived right after Abby turned one, he became her best friend quickly. Abby loves to play with Moroni, and loves him like a brother. When she doesn't get to see him very often it makes her sad. So Abby's grandma sent us this picture of him, and she loves it. We are grateful at this time of year for all of our friends. For the love and kindness that has been shown to us, and all the great memories we have. Thanksgiving is the best time to remember that and to make plans to keep in touch better in the new year. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wow how time flies. Jaxon is now five months old and moving on to baby food. He still hasn't developed a very good sleep schedule no matter what we try it just doesn't work. But the doctor says maybe putting him on food might help. I love baby stages, but I am truly praying that he picks up sleeping, because he is wearying me down. Abby was a great sleeper from the beginning so I never had to worry. She was happy too, but as they say every child is different and brings different challeges. Jaxon is learning to crawl, and we can't wait to show him snow. We are thankful for our little guy and hope that he continues to grow big and strong.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bath Time

Jaxon and Abby love the bath. We have had to have tons of baths a day, because it seems to be the only thing that will calm Jaxon down. He is super colically, and drives me nuts sometimes. But thank the Lord above he gave us a bath to calm him in. The other night I put Abby and Jaxon together in the bath, and they had a splashing contest. Amazingly Jaxon won, he super splashed Abby in the eyes with his jet legs and she gave up. It is alot of fun to see them interact together, especially when it is nice. Although I still have to be a referee sometimes, but I guess nobody said life is perfect. What a bunch of cuties.