Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016

A little Merry Christmas from their Hawaiian Missionary Serving Grandma Sue

Merry Christmas from Mom and Jaxon

Merry Christmas from Mom and Abigail

Merry Christmas from Mom and Elly

Merry Christmas from Mom and Izzy

My Amazing Christmas Blessings

Izzy, Elly on bottom.     Abigail and Jaxon on top row.

Merry Christmas from Izabella (4)

Merry Christmas from Elizabeth (4)

Merry Christmas from Jaxon (7)

Merry Christmas from Abigail (10)

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Orem University Mall Improvements


Fall Break has been a lot of fun for us. I am pleasantly surprised at just how amazing the improvements at the University Mall are. They tore down a lot of the old building, and the treehouse. But they replaced it with an amazing inside/outside kids play place including a splash pad. Also they put in an amazing grassy area with lots and lots of seating, 2 fountains, and awesome speaker system. Other than the play place, this fountain is our families favorite spot. Every 20 minutes it has a light/musical song with the fountain. The kids love to listen and watch the lights and water. Thanks Orem for such an amazing place to continue to make Orem a Family First City.

Fall Break Orem's All Together Playground


A place where everyone can play together no matter what life challenges you face. Located on center street in Orem. Fun for everyone, but remember a great place to play is always crowded. So the earlier your arrival the less crowded. These are pictures from 2 different occasions. One at 8:30AM and one midday on a Sunday.