Monday, May 09, 2011


Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers, mothers-to be, and all those who will be Mother's in this life or the next. It isn't giving birth that makes a mother a mother. It is kindness, love, ability to be calm, sensitive, caring, picking you up when you fall. Loving you always, supporting you, feeding you, guiding you in the light of the gospel. For those of you who may never give birth to a child, believe that in the next life you will be greatly blessed. Just stay strong in your beliefs and continue to learn all that is required of you now, so when the day comes you will be very successful. For those who adopt: thank-you so much for believing in a child who isn't yours. For healing them, and allowing them to know what a loving family is like and how much each of us carry within ourselves. For those who are Mother's: remember the hard days will pass. The sleepless nights, the horrible teenagers, the messy house, it too will pass and in the end you will see the reward. For those Mother's who have had a child pass: The day will come and you will see them again. It may hurt now, but remember all those mother's from the past are comforting your child. Letting them be loved, and telling them stories about you. Believe in yourself, and know that the Lord is proud and just try your best. Don't compare yourself to all the other Mother's. You are special, you are amazing, and you have the life you meant to have. So maybe all of us don't have all the money in the world, maybe we don't have the perfect kids, but we have the perfect ability to love and teach our offspring that our family is forever, and that love makes it all better. Remember all those that have passed on, remember to love all those who are living now, and all who stand to be mother's in the future. Be the Best you, and believe that as long as you love and teach your children the best is yet to come. Celebrate this day, by understanding that you are the best Mother you can be. Listen to your heart, and pray for strength if you need it. Happy Mother's Day to all the friends, family, mother's, mother's to be whatever. Let us celebrate this day and maybe the name should be changed to Women's instead of Mother's Day. We send love and gratitude to all of you.

"Let every mother realize that she has no greater blessing than the children which have come to her as a gift from the Almighty; that she has no greater mission than to rear them in light and truth, and understanding and love; that she will have no greater happiness than to see them grow into young men and women who respect principles of virtue, who walk free from the stain of immorality and from the shame of delinquency. . . . I remind mothers everywhere of the sanctity of your calling. No other can adequately take your place. No responsibility is greater, no obligation more binding than that you rear in love and peace and integrity those whom you have brought into the world.

–Gordon B. Hinckley General Conference, October 1993"
May 6, 2011

Went to Provo for a Doctor's apt and took the camera to stop and take family pictures, so that we could get pictures for the grandma's for Mother's Day. It was a lot of fun, and a very warm sunny day. This was the first time I was out of the house in a long time, and boy did I love it. It was fun to see all the beauty of spring and to feel the warmth of the sun. The baby ducks were back on the BYU campus, and Jax and Abby loved running around and soaking their feet in the cool water. Although we now know that Jax does not at all like cold water. Bradly has spoiled in with warm water, and we will have to change that. We cannot wait till summer when we can go to the pools, and the lakes and the mountain falls. Life is great when you look in the eyes of a child. Enjoy the new pictures of our cute little family we were glad that many of them worked and we could share them with all of you!!

May 5, 2011 Abby Loses a 2nd tooth

Everything has been so busy and crazy lately that it seems to never end. From Easter to Abby's birthday, to teeth falling out, to Mother's Day life is just crazy. So to add to the craziness Abby lost another tooth today. Her second, and the surprising thing is that her Adult tooth is already pushing in the first one she lost. She has her 6-7 molars now, and the next molars are coming in now. Her teeth are coming in quickly and pushing all the others out of the way. Hopefully this won't be a bad thing, but the tooth fairy for sure gets to come again.
April 30, 2011 Abby's 5th Birthday

We sent out Princess invitations for our friends to join us to celebrate Abby's big 5! Most everyone attended. We missed a few Moroni, Rubie, and Eric, but everyone else had fun. I can hardly believe 5 years ago Abby arrived after 3 days in labor and our family began. She has grown so much since then, and is really becoming a young lady. Abby cannot wait to go to Kindergarten this fall. She loves to write letters, and make words. We try and go to the library every Wednesday for story reading time, and lap time for Jax. We read 8-10 books a day, especially at night. It has been so fun to see her grow, and I am sure there is so much more in the future.

Abby's favorites:
Movies: Tangled
Music: Dance music
TV show: Wizards
Cartoon: Smurfs
Book: Kids cookbooks
Outside Activity: Ride her bike.
Food: Spaghetti

Abby's Dislikes:
spicy food, brother's who eat play dough, brother's who pull hair, rude neighbors, rules, chores, having to always listen to mom, can't paint the walls in her room, and not having a swimming pool in our backyard.
April 24, 2011 EASTER

This was a great year. We took the kids over to the park to Easter egg hunt so that they would get all their eggs. Jax has a really fun time and yelled Egg Egg Egg. He found it exciting that in these little plastic egg he found candy. He loved to hunt for the eggs, and decided it was so much fun that he would hide everything for the next week. Needless to say everyday was a new adventure. From keys, to the camera, to shoes, to the wallet, to anything that he could get his hands on. So mommy was mean and put all the eggs away the same day for next year. Abby loved being able to run and play at the park. She helped mommy die the eggs this year, and loved it. She helped make dinner of course. She made a HAM, funeral potatoes, homemade rolls, Deviled Eggs, and Ice Cream Sundaes for dessert. Traditionally we take pictures today, but the weather wasn't that great so hopefully Mother's Day will be better.