Monday, September 20, 2010

Sorry I haven't been around for a while. There has been so much going on, and trying to find the time to do it all hasn't happened. Bradly has been working 80+ hour weeks, and that is getting a little overwhelming for me. It is so hard to have a one parent home, and the kiddos don't like it at all. But I guess it is better than when we had no income coming in. Jaxon had surgery on Friday on his mouth, and it has been one of the longest weekends of my life. Bradly used paid time off for Friday, but then was back at it working 12 hours on Saturday and 12 on Sunday. Jaxon did really well in surgery, but had a tough time waking up. We were at the hospital for 7 hours. We brought him home super sleepy, and of course when a baby sleeps all day, then a baby is up all night. So fun for me, I was up with Jaxon all night long. He was screaming and crying because the Tylenol and Motrin just weren't working. So I rocked him and rocked him for hours. He slept only about 2 hours on Saturday, and finally Saturday night slept for 5 hours straight. He isn't a good sleeper to start with, never mind the pain. Somewhere in the journey of the weekend I was moving furniture and lifting boxes, and tweaked my back. Boy does that kill. Can hardly walk, and taking care of Jaxon has been fun so we have spent a lot of time laying down in the bed together. I am hoping the back will heal soon, so that I can at least function normally. So because of the Acid problems with Jaxon since he was born he has really bad teeth. Abby has had a minor cavity, but nothing else. Jaxon had 4 teeth pulled, 4 caps, and 2 sealings. His jaw is effected, and they are hoping that will just get back to normal overtime. They decided to wait for the scope, and stomach surgery because of all the dental work. So in a couple months we will look at that. I am hoping that ends up going away, and getting better without having to have surgery again. Bradly continues and has a 68 hour week this week. Hopefully in a couple weeks all will slow down, and we can enjoy the change of the weather. The mountains are beautiful with the red colored leaves. Fall is in the air. Last week it was so cold I had to get all their fall/winter clothes out, but this week summer is back. I am living in UT, and so am not surprised. I will try to do a better job updating everyone on the life of the Wiscombe's.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Here is a little video of the train the kids were able to ride. It was so fun for them, and it is always great to be able to have fun free activities.
Jaxon's dancing is just the cutest thing ever. He bounces up and down, and it makes us laugh so we would like to pass it on to you.
Abby is so funny. She loves music so much. She likes to steal or borrow or hide our Mp3 players which ever you want to say. We catch her sitting there jamming out and singing at the top of her lungs. I am not sure if you can understand her, but she has listened to the 50 songs so much that she knows all the words. It really is nice to be a kid!!!
Saturday September 4th was another great day at Macey's. They had the Tillamook Cheese van that travels around the country. They brought in a train for the kids to ride, had a clown, had the fish show return finally, played music, had 2 radio stations broadcasting, did cheeseburger dinners, and had the moose there. It was so much fun. We brought home recipes to share so check out our other blog page too. Thanks Macey's for the great weekend full of fun for families.

The train

This was such a great train for the kids to ride. No charge either. YES!!

Dad, Jaxon and Abby riding on the train.

The Tillamook van is so cute. There were several people who wanted to buy the car from the girls there. It is cute. Jaxon thought it was a toy.

Dad, Jaxon, Abby, and Moroni riding the train.

Our favorite Meat department guy Bobby the Fish Master from Macey's. If you ever need meat go to Macey's and ask for him. He is amazing. Plus he does fish shows when they let him.

Octopus big bad and slimy.


Red Snapper

Dori Fish I think?

Forget the name.

The clown that scared the kids and handed out cheese.

Abby loves this Moose so much. Jaxon hates the costume, but luckily he was already asleep.
So Friday September 3rd, 2010 Maceys had a tailgating party for the BYU-UofW game. Way to go BYU Cougars for your win!!!! They were giving away prizes and had fun games to play. Here are some of the fun shots we took. Jaxon was great at the football toss. Go Cougs Blue and White.

On August 25th, 2010 we met Michelle and Moroni Arciniega at the Scera swimming pool and played with the kiddos. It was so fun. Summer has flown by this year, and Abby is sad to see the pools closing soon. She really would live in water if I allowed her. She has told me several times she thinks she may have a mermaid tail. Oh the imagination of a 4 year old. Jaxon too loves the water, and it was a great day by all. Hope you enjoy the photos just as much as we do.

Moroni Arciniega swimming and hanging out.

What a cutie Mommy Michelle is!!!!

Moroni and his tube.

Moroni and Abby are buds for sure. He is a year younger, but we have known each other the entire time and Abby always mothers him.



Michelle and Abby in the whale's tail.

Abby splashing away as always.

Michelle and Moroni Arciniega our normal well behaved well mannered friends. Thank heavens above for good friends.
Here are some pictures we took on July 29th for Jaxon's 1 year photo. He hasn't been very energetic lately so we tried. Oh well. We try and take photos every month so we have pictures of our little guy growing and growing.

I am so sorry I have been so busy lately. Trying to get Jaxon ready for mouth surgery and the scope for his stomach to see if they need to do surgery or not. I have to post 4 events that have happened and hope that you all forgive me for taking so long. I have been pretty good at posting immediately, but I am a slacker. Sorry!!!