Sunday, September 05, 2010

Saturday September 4th was another great day at Macey's. They had the Tillamook Cheese van that travels around the country. They brought in a train for the kids to ride, had a clown, had the fish show return finally, played music, had 2 radio stations broadcasting, did cheeseburger dinners, and had the moose there. It was so much fun. We brought home recipes to share so check out our other blog page too. Thanks Macey's for the great weekend full of fun for families.

The train

This was such a great train for the kids to ride. No charge either. YES!!

Dad, Jaxon and Abby riding on the train.

The Tillamook van is so cute. There were several people who wanted to buy the car from the girls there. It is cute. Jaxon thought it was a toy.

Dad, Jaxon, Abby, and Moroni riding the train.

Our favorite Meat department guy Bobby the Fish Master from Macey's. If you ever need meat go to Macey's and ask for him. He is amazing. Plus he does fish shows when they let him.

Octopus big bad and slimy.


Red Snapper

Dori Fish I think?

Forget the name.

The clown that scared the kids and handed out cheese.

Abby loves this Moose so much. Jaxon hates the costume, but luckily he was already asleep.

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