Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Found this in the newspaper the other day, and thought you all would enjoy it. Apparently God must have really liked Elly and Izzy's faces. So that is how it happened. LOL

Changing of the seasons

My littlest twinkie pumpkin Elly

Izzy twinkie pumpkinhead

Abigail my oldest pumpkin

Jaxon my middle only man pumpkin

It is a glorious time of year here in Utah. The weather is finally out of the 100's, a slight chill is in the air in the morning still getting to low 90's in the afternoon, the beautiful leaves are changing, football season is upon us, and school is roaring forward. This week the pumpkins have come out at Daddy's work, they all 4 have school pictures, and the school carnival is next week. So many amazing things to do and accomplish. Look forward to so so many more pictures to come.