Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Pioneer Day to All of You! Here are some fireworks to spread cheer. Jaxon and Abby loved them.

Every year in Orem there is a Orem Firefighter's Breakfast. They the firemen and women make all the food, and we get to go through helicopters, ambulances, and fire trucks. It is so good to see and be able to thank those who help us when we really need the help. Thank-you so much to all who help keep Orem safe!!!! :)

Here is the Moose dancing on the fire truck.

Jaxon climbed in the boots and posed with Abby and an amazing and nice Orem Firefighter.

Here Jaxon is driving the fire truck.

Jaxon and a child's favorite toy: A Balloon.

Abby and Jaxon sitting in the Life Flight Helicopter.

Air Med Helicopter

Family in the Ambulance.

Abby in her own fireman's hat.

Abby sitting in the helicopter.

Abby dressed in the coat and hat. She said mom the coat was fine, but that hat was heavy.

Abby was checking out all the equipment and things inside the ambulance.

Abby was flying the helicopter. Imaginations are a great thing.

Abby was driving the fire truck.

Abby and her set of balloons.

Abby, Jaxon, and Daddy in front of the fire truck.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jaxon was so funny, the fountains were all cold water. But when it is 100+ degrees outside it doesn't really matter. But he wasn't really sure about the pressure of the water on the fountains, so he would walk up look around and then run away. Here I caught him in the act.

This is the little kids slide that goes into the pool. Jaxon loved this on his first memorable trip to the pool.

This fountain is actually in the pool which made it a lot friendlier for Jaxon.
Jaxon's 1st Real Playtime at the Pool

How beautiful is water when it is clean and pure.

There was a fun fountain that shot up water in the shape of a circle. Here you find Abby, McKayla, and Cassandra playing inside.

McKayla in the fountain.

Our little swimming bug Jaxon.

Jaxon was so hungry, but all he would eat are these darn fish crackers.

Here is the Mushroom fountain: Dad, Jaxon, McKayla, Cassandra, and Abby playing and splashing around.

Dad and Jaxon playing in the tail of the whale.

Jaxon trying to get out from under the mushroom.

Dad and Jaxon in the circle fountain.

Cassandra poses for the camera.

Cassandra playing in the cold water fountains.

Dad and Jaxon trying to shoot mommy with the dragon sprayer.

Abby posing for the camera.

Abby and the sprinklers.

Abby loves the water so much.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Macey's has become our favorite grocery store, because they do so many fun things for children. This weekend they are having a chicken palooza. Great sales on chicken, prizes for the kids, hats for the kids, coloring contest for the kids, and lots of fun. Jaxon loved his hat for the first few minutes.

Jaxon not so sure what to think about being a chicken.

Abby loves being a chicken and telling us all about where they live and what they do.

Abby and Jaxon my 2 little chickens. They have become the best of friends although Abby reminds me often that she didn't get a sister, but that she will love her brother anyway. Well I am glad that works out well for all of us.

Jaxon loves the cold water in the sprinklers. Last summer he was just to little, so this is his first real time in the sprinklers.

We put the cake in front of Jaxon and it seemed like he really didn't care. On Abby's 1st birthday she attacked the cake and the candles. My kids are so different. Happy 1st Birthday Jaxon. :)

I can hardly believe it has already been a year. Jaxon hasn't grown a ton, but we are hoping he will soon. He runs around the house like a crazy monkey, and he and his sister have definitely bonded.

Abby and Daddy made Jaxon's cake this year as Jaxon and mommy rearranged the bedrooms and introduced Jaxon to his toddler bed. Oh he loves it and doesn't even fight us at bedtime. Since he was born he has always fought sleep and would never sleep in a crib. But thankfully he loves the Cars Toddler Bed.

Yummy my mom gave me a piece of cake. Has she gone NUTS? I as mom would say yes. It wasn't very fun to clean up the mess, but after all you are only 1 once. Jaxon is barely 18 lbs, and still super short. He has been having acid problems still, and now has teeth problems. We will be heading to Primary Children's Hospital sometime in the next 3-5 weeks to have mouth surgery. Not fun, but if it helps him than okay.