Saturday, July 24, 2010

Every year in Orem there is a Orem Firefighter's Breakfast. They the firemen and women make all the food, and we get to go through helicopters, ambulances, and fire trucks. It is so good to see and be able to thank those who help us when we really need the help. Thank-you so much to all who help keep Orem safe!!!! :)

Here is the Moose dancing on the fire truck.

Jaxon climbed in the boots and posed with Abby and an amazing and nice Orem Firefighter.

Here Jaxon is driving the fire truck.

Jaxon and a child's favorite toy: A Balloon.

Abby and Jaxon sitting in the Life Flight Helicopter.

Air Med Helicopter

Family in the Ambulance.

Abby in her own fireman's hat.

Abby sitting in the helicopter.

Abby dressed in the coat and hat. She said mom the coat was fine, but that hat was heavy.

Abby was checking out all the equipment and things inside the ambulance.

Abby was flying the helicopter. Imaginations are a great thing.

Abby was driving the fire truck.

Abby and her set of balloons.

Abby, Jaxon, and Daddy in front of the fire truck.

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