Friday, April 16, 2010

We had a play date with Michelle and Moroni Arciniega at the University Mall Tree house. Sorry Ben we missed you, maybe next time you can come and play too. The weather the day before was cold and snowy, so we chose the mall. But turns out it was 60's and nice. Oh well, we had so much fun it has been a while since we have seen them and were so excited. Abby had a hard time sleeping the night before, because all she wanted to do was play with Moni and she Belle. We are so grateful for normal kind amazing friends. Here are some pictures of our date! :)

Here Moroni made a new friend. Way to go, after all you are quite shy.

Moroni Arciniega what a cutie. He will be 3 years old in July.

Jaxon found the water globe and thought that that was the most amazing thing. I think the tree house is still a little big for him, so this turned out to be his favorite thing.

There is a dinosaur skeleton there that everyone plays on, and here is a picture of Jaxon holding on for dear life.

Daddy (Brad), Abby, Jaxon, Moroni and Michelle. It was good to get an updated picture together to see how much everyone has grown.

Here Jaxon is in the mouth of the dinosaur. Back in the time, Jaxon would have been a great little treat. Look at the size difference.

Jaxon's head fits in the nostril of the dinosaur. How funny! Daddy thought so.

Abby is sitting on the log thinking. This log is hollow and the kids can climb through underneath.


Abby took Jaxon down the slide for the first time, and he didn't seem to like it much. We will see as the summer comes and we spend more time at the park.

Here you find a flying dinosaur, says Abby. Good thing we don't live in dinosaur time, they would all eat me.

Here is the video of Jaxon playing in the water. This is a globe of the world that rolls around in water. It usually is the highlight for all the kids especially in the summer time when it is so hot in Utah.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

What a cutie he is. 9 1/2 months old

Jaxon is getting bigger, although the doctors tel me he will be alot shorter than Abby and that he doesn't weigh enough. I am sorry, I am not going to force him to eat more. He does just fine.

Bradly gave Jaxon a cookie, but he seemed to decide to put it everywhere but in his mouth.

What does a banana and Jaxon have in common? A big slimmy mess.

Yummy yummy I think that I am a monkey in love with a banana.

I love this banana so much that I even like to wear it sometimes.

We found this horse for free that sings songs, and makes sounds. He loves it so much. At first he was a little scared of it. You can either use it as a rocker or a roll around ride toy.

We made a homemade seatbelt to help him balance and stay on, and then took a tie and placed it in front so we could pull him around. Summer will be alot of fun.

More riding fun.


Abby has had so much fun with her birthday present. Jaxon loves going for rides with her.

Jaxon and Abby

I am a smart shopper and watch alot of classified's and we found this car someone was giving away for free. The only problem is right now the charge only lasts about 30 minutes. We will need to buy her a new battery for it, but who cares if you can get something for free and clean it up; then life is great for a 4 year old.

Our little Abby is almost 4 and loves make-up. She didn't learn that from her mom at all so I am not sure where she learned it. She has to have her hair done before going out, and even before bed.

So in the video below you will see what Abby did to dad the other day when he was sleeping on the bed. Ya I helped her a little, but it was definately fun.

Dad all done up pretty.

Abby caught by the camera making daddy look pretty.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

We went Easter egg hunting at Macey's and were able to meet the real Easter bunny.

Jaxon doesn't care whose candy it is, he just WANTS it.

Our little Easter bunny Jaxon!

The kids (Bradly, Abby, and Jaxon) woke up and found Easter baskets on Saturday, and then Sunday they woke up to a house filled with Easter eggs, because it snowed outside. What a smart Easter bunny to sneak in the house and hide them.

Abby and her daddy. She has decided she loves Easter because of all the pretty dresses she gets, all the candy, and the hunt.

Jaxon stole a cupcake and we couldn't help but laugh and leave the camera on.


Yummy yummy mommy, you can't get me, NO I DON"T WANT TO PICK YOU UP!

A thief at work, a mess that was fun, and a very satisfied tummy!

Friday, April 02, 2010

So Abby went to the dentist the other day, and all is good. No cavities and all looks good in her mouth. We bought Jaxon a new toothbrush, because somehow his always goes missing. I was teaching Abby that we need to let mom help brush after she is done so that we make sure we get the back teeth really well too. She fights me all the time saying that she does a great job, and that she doesn't need mom to help. I told her its just part of being young that mommy's help till you are a bit older. So I caught her yesterday teaching her little brother Jaxon how to brush his teeth. It was funny so we hope that all of you enjoy it too.
At Home Easter Pictures

Dad, Jaxon, and Abby Easter 2010

Mommy and Jaxon kissing pictures Easter 2010

Mommy and her little Abby (almost 4) Easter 2010

Jaxon 9 months old Easter 2010

Abby almost 4 years old Easter 2010

We had a lot of fun taking Easter pictures. Abby taught Jaxon that he should love plastic eggs because they all come with candy in them. Do they really ALL come with candy in them? We are excited to have our first Easter with Jaxon and know that he will have a lot of fun hunting the eggs. Abby gets to see the Easter bunny tomorrow at Maceys and she is so excited. Its a great time of year.