Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jaxon Dar Wiscombe, 7 months

Abigail Michelle Wiscombe, 3 1/2

Abby playing out in the snow on Thursday January 28, 2010.

We built a little sled hill in the front yard so she can do a little sledding this year. But where is the snow you say? Well if we had some, I would show you. This year we haven't had a lot of snow, but thats ok with me as long as it snow in the mountains!

Jaxon is quite the talker. Abby asked me if I understood what he wanted, and I had to tell her no. She however says that she can translate, usually it is something that she wants to do. It is funny. We also thought it would be cute to show his little crawling. Yes he was kinda tricked into it, but don't worry he didn't get to eat the candy corns. Instead he got rewarded with an Apple Wheel. Yummie. :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Jaxon is teething again and we are going from 4 teeth to 8. He also has finally decided to crawl. We had to be a little forceful about that. We just told him we weren't going to pick him up, so if he wanted to get around he would just crawl. Boy were we surprised when he got up immediately and decided to crawl. Is he LAZY? Or were we just making him that way? Now he is bored with crawling and moving onto the walking stage. He walks along furniture and in the bathtub, and is realizing if he walks he can get somewhere faster than if he crawls. Abby is having fun racing him crawling from room to room. She is so proud of him. Whenever he crawls on his own; she stands up, claps for him, and yells at the top of her lungs, "Mom my brother he is crawling, he is really crawling." I am slowly learning that every child is different and BOYS and GIRLS are REALLY DIFFERENT. But we love them all the same. Winter has arrived for a little bit, and we sent Jaxon down a little snow hill we made and he didn't like it at all. Abby loves being outside in the snow, and is super daring. Abby is more like me, and Jaxon is more like his Dad. So it usually ends up that I either drag Daddy and Jaxon out to play in the snow with us, or Mommy and Abby go out and Daddy and Jaxon stay inside where it is warm. We are hoping that the winter stays for a little while so we can have our snow adventures and fun. I will change Jaxon's mind about the snow. We have some great neighbors the Mortenson Family: Jayson, Shana, Donovan, and Kaleah. Abby has become very protective of them. She waits everyday for Jayson to come home from work, so she can peek her head out the door, wave, and say hi. He travels for work and this last time she was so worried for him, that when he arrives home she was so grateful. Come on she is 3, should she really be worrying about grown-ups. Shana, Donovan, and KaLeah hang out with us. We play in the snow, or just let the kids run around crazy. We played CandyLand the other day, and now are stuck playing it everyday. Donovan is a little older than Abby and I think she likes that. Abby also likes to take KaLeah under her wing and mother her a bit. We are so grateful for the friends we make and for the great times that we share. Thanks neighbors for finally being normal, and a great family we hope to keep in touch with forever.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The making of a Sugar Cookie. Here is a fun video of our family time making sugar cookies. Abby has been in a I am a fabulous cook mood, and I am taking advantage of it. I am teaching her new things, and helping her learn to cook. She is really pretty good. Ya maybe she is a bit messy, but what 3 year old isn't. We hope that you enjoy watching the video as much as we did.

So here it is the middle of January in Orem, Utah and there is no snow. Abby and I had been talking all fall about how much snow we will get, so we can sled and build snowmen. Apparently that isn't the case. She has been really disappointed in the snow fall. We have had a few really good snow storms, but lately we haven't had any at all. Not even the kind of storms that snow and don't stick. The other day we were all playing outside, and it was 59 degrees. Can it really be that warm in the middle of the winter in Utah? Yup! This has been the first winter for me that has been so mild. I do like it better now that it has been snowing a lot all at one time, and then gives us a couple weeks to clean it up and put the roads back to the way they belong. I love the snow, but I hate UDOT plows because they use cars as targets!!!! Scary. The weather forecast says there will be snow next week, so lets hope its true. I will take the kids sledding and build a snow family just so Abby will be happy. Utah= Greatest Snow On Earth

Saturday, January 16, 2010

We have discovered these new toys, MAGFORMERS. They have magnets in them so you can make a ton of great things with them. So much better than a link in log, or regular legos. Abby loves them, and it teaches her lots about shapes. Plus she loves to hear them snap together. The adventures continue, and the fun is all in the eyes of the beholder. They are alot of fun!!!! :)

Everything we do play in the house now-a-days is based on and revolves around princesses and princes. Abby the princess and Jaxon the prince. So we had to make them crowns that they could wear and play with. Abby even has to only wear dresses or skirts, and of course they have to be super long to cover her legs. Because a princess would never be caught showing her legs to anyone, unless she were swimming.

So Abby likes to leave her underwear everywhere in the house. Yes they are clean. We have started helping her realize that she needs to help be a big girl and fold and put her clothes away. Jaxon found some beauty and the beast underwear the other day, and this is what he did with them. He used them as a hat. Oh what a cute little boy. I grabbed the camera to take a picture, so of course Abby thought it was funny and I had to take a picture of her too. The sillynesss. I don't have any idea where these two would ever learn anything like this. . . . . .I am sure I never did anything like this as a child. Must be Bradly's side of the family.

Here are Jaxon and Abby goofing around. Was I ever this crazy? Did I put underwear on my head and think I was funny? These 2 children are really funny especially at night when they get tired. Abby has never really been a whiner when she gets tired, even as an infant. She will just laugh uncontrollably. Jaxon is a bit moodier. but is now starting to do the same thing. It is so fun to watch them. It is kinda like watching 2 drunk people walk, and talk together. Oh the joys of being a child.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Oh how I love my little daughter Abby. We have been trying to teach her that everyone is special and that we all have different looks and that we need to look for that special something in everyone. So we went to Wendy's by our house the other day as a special treat. I use to be a manager at this location, so I know quite a few of the employees. My friend Elena, was there and I haven't seen her for some time. I started talking to her in Spanish, which is her first language and Abby heard me. She yelled across the restaurant. "My mommy speaks Mexican." Everyone in the restaurant laughed and my face was bright red. This was a safe place to say this, but I had to tell Abby that mommy speaks Spanish. She loves Dora the Explorer and has asked me to teach her a new word everyday. I have enjoyed teaching her new things, and am glad to see she wants to speak Spanish. In Utah, it has become a must to speak Spanish. You will get hired for a job over someone else if you do, even if you aren't fluent. Everywhere you go, everyone speaks Spanish. And most of the Spanish in Utah is Mexican. So I can see where she is coming from. Jaxon is trying so hard to crawl. He loves to army crawl more than anything, but I want him to get up and just crawl. I will have to figure out how to keep him safe from the stairs, and not hurt himself on the tile downstairs, but we will manage. Jaxon has four teeth now, and Abby still hasn't learned to keep her fingers out of his mouth. However, Jaxon does love to go for a kiss on your face, and instead take a bite. We took him to his 6 months check-up and he now weighs 15 lbs, and is 26 inches tall. That is a shorty compared to Abby. Abby continues to grow and she acts like she is 16 sometimes. The other day we moved our furniture around, and she made the closet the timeout place now. She sends daddy to timeout a lot, and the closet has become her favorite place now. Not only that, but she is a dressing room attendant too. Every morning she takes each of us by ourselves into the closet picks out all the clothes we need, and gets us dressed. How old is my little girl? The calendar says 3 1/2, but sometimes I wonder.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Bathtime is the best time in our house. Abby wanted to post more pictures so we took some, and here is what she chose. She is becoming a very independent 3 year old, and thinks she can do just about anything. From dating, to cooking, to sewing, to being the boss. In 10 years, I am going to be in a lot of trouble. Let's hope for the best.

Abby and Jaxon are growing like weeds. We spent the New Year with the Wiscombe's. Great Grandma Nina and Great Grandpa Dar are visiting from Chico, CA. We get to see them about every 6 months or so. This was Jaxon's first time meeting them. Due to teething he was a bit grumpy, but he did take pictures and let great grandma hold him a little. We are grateful for their visits and for the times we share. For me it has been quite a while since I have had a grandparent. Abby and Jaxon are lucky to have three great grandparents. What a great blessing.

Great Grandpa Dar Simmons and Jaxon. This is where Jaxon's middle name comes from. We named him after his Great Grandpa.