Sunday, January 17, 2010

So here it is the middle of January in Orem, Utah and there is no snow. Abby and I had been talking all fall about how much snow we will get, so we can sled and build snowmen. Apparently that isn't the case. She has been really disappointed in the snow fall. We have had a few really good snow storms, but lately we haven't had any at all. Not even the kind of storms that snow and don't stick. The other day we were all playing outside, and it was 59 degrees. Can it really be that warm in the middle of the winter in Utah? Yup! This has been the first winter for me that has been so mild. I do like it better now that it has been snowing a lot all at one time, and then gives us a couple weeks to clean it up and put the roads back to the way they belong. I love the snow, but I hate UDOT plows because they use cars as targets!!!! Scary. The weather forecast says there will be snow next week, so lets hope its true. I will take the kids sledding and build a snow family just so Abby will be happy. Utah= Greatest Snow On Earth

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