Saturday, January 16, 2010


So Abby likes to leave her underwear everywhere in the house. Yes they are clean. We have started helping her realize that she needs to help be a big girl and fold and put her clothes away. Jaxon found some beauty and the beast underwear the other day, and this is what he did with them. He used them as a hat. Oh what a cute little boy. I grabbed the camera to take a picture, so of course Abby thought it was funny and I had to take a picture of her too. The sillynesss. I don't have any idea where these two would ever learn anything like this. . . . . .I am sure I never did anything like this as a child. Must be Bradly's side of the family.

Here are Jaxon and Abby goofing around. Was I ever this crazy? Did I put underwear on my head and think I was funny? These 2 children are really funny especially at night when they get tired. Abby has never really been a whiner when she gets tired, even as an infant. She will just laugh uncontrollably. Jaxon is a bit moodier. but is now starting to do the same thing. It is so fun to watch them. It is kinda like watching 2 drunk people walk, and talk together. Oh the joys of being a child.

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