Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Jaxon is teething again and we are going from 4 teeth to 8. He also has finally decided to crawl. We had to be a little forceful about that. We just told him we weren't going to pick him up, so if he wanted to get around he would just crawl. Boy were we surprised when he got up immediately and decided to crawl. Is he LAZY? Or were we just making him that way? Now he is bored with crawling and moving onto the walking stage. He walks along furniture and in the bathtub, and is realizing if he walks he can get somewhere faster than if he crawls. Abby is having fun racing him crawling from room to room. She is so proud of him. Whenever he crawls on his own; she stands up, claps for him, and yells at the top of her lungs, "Mom my brother he is crawling, he is really crawling." I am slowly learning that every child is different and BOYS and GIRLS are REALLY DIFFERENT. But we love them all the same. Winter has arrived for a little bit, and we sent Jaxon down a little snow hill we made and he didn't like it at all. Abby loves being outside in the snow, and is super daring. Abby is more like me, and Jaxon is more like his Dad. So it usually ends up that I either drag Daddy and Jaxon out to play in the snow with us, or Mommy and Abby go out and Daddy and Jaxon stay inside where it is warm. We are hoping that the winter stays for a little while so we can have our snow adventures and fun. I will change Jaxon's mind about the snow. We have some great neighbors the Mortenson Family: Jayson, Shana, Donovan, and Kaleah. Abby has become very protective of them. She waits everyday for Jayson to come home from work, so she can peek her head out the door, wave, and say hi. He travels for work and this last time she was so worried for him, that when he arrives home she was so grateful. Come on she is 3, should she really be worrying about grown-ups. Shana, Donovan, and KaLeah hang out with us. We play in the snow, or just let the kids run around crazy. We played CandyLand the other day, and now are stuck playing it everyday. Donovan is a little older than Abby and I think she likes that. Abby also likes to take KaLeah under her wing and mother her a bit. We are so grateful for the friends we make and for the great times that we share. Thanks neighbors for finally being normal, and a great family we hope to keep in touch with forever.

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