Sunday, September 05, 2010

On August 25th, 2010 we met Michelle and Moroni Arciniega at the Scera swimming pool and played with the kiddos. It was so fun. Summer has flown by this year, and Abby is sad to see the pools closing soon. She really would live in water if I allowed her. She has told me several times she thinks she may have a mermaid tail. Oh the imagination of a 4 year old. Jaxon too loves the water, and it was a great day by all. Hope you enjoy the photos just as much as we do.

Moroni Arciniega swimming and hanging out.

What a cutie Mommy Michelle is!!!!

Moroni and his tube.

Moroni and Abby are buds for sure. He is a year younger, but we have known each other the entire time and Abby always mothers him.



Michelle and Abby in the whale's tail.

Abby splashing away as always.

Michelle and Moroni Arciniega our normal well behaved well mannered friends. Thank heavens above for good friends.

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