Monday, May 09, 2011

April 23, 2011 Easter Hunt at Smith's, Lunch at Del Taco, and Easter Bunny at Macey's.

What a busy time of year this is. I have decided I don't really like having Easter so late in the year. Just feels like everything is rushed in the next 3 weeks this year, and I enjoy spreading out the holidays and spending the time with my kids. We took the kids to Smith's to do an Easter Egg hunt and Jaxon was with me and Abby with Daddy. They hide big eggs with coupons for free food items and threw candy for the little ones all over the floor and shelves. Jaxon just thought that that was the silliest thing. I always try and teach him to garbage away in the trash, and don't make big messes on the floor. So he told one of the guys throwing the candy on the floor, that his mom is going to get mad. Jax loved the ability to run through the aisle and pick up all the candy that he wanted. There were only about 20 kids, and tons of candy. He of course went for all the lollipops, which was fine with me and he found 6 eggs. He was surprised when inside he won fruit snacks, popcorn, and soda. Abby was able to get a lot to, but her aisle had a lot more kids. After that we took the kids to Del Taco to eat and play. They love the playground inside, and amazingly enough they keep it super clean and rarely are there other kids. So Abby and Jax get to run all over by themselves. After that we headed to Macey's and found the Easter bunny. This has been tradition for us over the last 3 years, and the kids think it is so awesome to find the Easter Bunny hopping around Macey's.

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