Friday, January 28, 2011

This Utah weather is quite crazy. One day it will snow and the trees will be covered and then the next day there won't be any snow at all.

Jaxon is such a great little dancer. Boy do we love him to pieces.

What a cute little smile you have. Our little boy is starting to show signs of terrible twos, and boy am I not excited.

Mommy can you stop it with the pictures. I think you have enough.

Everything is funny to this little guy. He runs into walls, rolls on carpet till he is red, and thinks that he is a clown.

This is Jaxon our little vampire. It is so funny when he smiles, all you can see is fangs.

Dancing around and around and around.

Abby my super duper dancer. Can't wait to find a Jazz class for her.

Tongue anyone?

Abby smiling for the camera. Cheezin it up.

Abby and Handy Manny. I have no idea where this girl has picked up some of the things that she says. She now pretends that Manny is her boyfriend. She told me the other guy dumped her, and left her alone at the dance and Manny came along and told her he would watch out for her and love her. Boy am I going to have my hands full when this little girl gets older. You aren't even 5 Abby, slow down on the dating and worrying about guys.

As Abby gazes out the window I remind her that she is still little, and should have very little or no cares in the world.

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