Monday, January 24, 2011

Boy last week was probably one of the longest weeks in my life. Bradly switched companies and now is getting paid a lot more for the same amount of work he was doing at the other company. It is still close to home so sharing the car isn't going to be a problem. He is also working part-time at another company so that we can get ahead and start saving money. So Bradly works from 8AM-Noon Monday thru Friday. 2 Saturdays a month working from 9AM-1PM. The second job for the first 6 weeks he works 3:30PM-Midnight Monday thru Friday, and after the six weeks will work 1:30PM-10PM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. It has meant a lot of changes for the kids, but I think they are doing better now. I have redone the bedtime schedule and the daily schedule so that it works for everyone. Bedtime has been going a lot better lately. I give the kids dinner between 5:30-6pm. Then we have bath time till about 6:30pm. We do night time lotion and pajamas and then books until 6:55pm, and then soft music and bed. AMEN for bedtime last week. When Wednesday came around I was sure glad that they went to bed nicely, and I was able to get things done around the house. Starting school online in about a week, and night time will be the time that I get homework done. Our bestest friend Moroni and his family are moving away from us, and we are saddened by that. But it will be good for them, and it will just be a 30 minute drive to visit. Lots of changes in our household, but we are hoping that the changes will be good for our family, and that things will go smooth. Abby asked me today what my favorite show was, and I had to say Handy Manny on Disney. Can you tell there isn't much time for me, and I have kids? It is a fun show. Jaxon loves Handy Manny and the Toy Story crew. We have read Toy Story every night for the last week, and now he says the names and makes their sounds. I tried to hide the book today, but he searched the closet until he found it. He loves reading books, and I can't wait to get him outside when it gets warmer. Abby is really into her dollhouse. I have a scheduled time that I get to play with her, and it is funny sometimes the things that she has picked up from her parents and others around her. I hope to get out in the next day or 2 and get some updated pictures taken. Sorry there aren't any pictures, but life is busy for us. Have a great week everyone.

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