Thursday, December 23, 2010


The most amazing thing happened to our little family today. Our family was nominated for a car giveaway from Lindon Collision Center. They had decided that they wanted to help a needy family get a car for Christmas. WE received a call today at 4pm saying to come and pick up our new car. We kinda thought it was a joke, and asked if they were kidding. The guy said, "No your family had been nominated several times, and we went through all the entries and picked your family." We are so grateful for the kindness of others, and this car will help our family out alot. It will enable us to get more work to support our family, allow us to visit family more, keep Jaxon's health in check, be reliable, and allow us to go to school alot easier. We pray that all of you have a very Merry Christmas as we are eternally grateful for all those that nominated us, and for the kindness of the family that runs and owns Lindon Collision Center. Abby was so excited, and mommy drove it home. It is a Dodge Intrepid 2002.

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