Sunday, December 19, 2010

Abby and Daddy put together a princess gingerbread house this year. It didn't last long because the frosting didn't harden enough and the little hungry eaters wouldn't stop eating it.

The question is how much frosting, gingerbread, and candy can one little person eat. Dad and Abby had so much fun making this, but when it was done Abby decided she will not make another until maybe she it 12.

Okay so here you can see our little angel Jaxon oh so cute, but lately sleep and Jaxon do not mix. We try and put him to bed between 7pm and 8:30pm at night and he sleeps great until 1AM or so. But then he wakes up and just cries. So we tried taking out his naps and this is what happens. He gets mad and goes and lays down next to the bed, not on it. Both of my kids have had nightmares and you can tell that is why they wake up and cry. Someday soon I hope he will just sleep through the night. PLEASE!!

Abby climbed in the pack-n-play and fell asleep. She is a stink-er and seems to think that because everything was her's first then she can still play in them. She wants to still be the baby sometimes and get the attention. And then other times she sounds like she is 18.

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