Saturday, December 25, 2010

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house a Jaxon and Abby were louder than a mouse. They decorated cookies and put carrots out; in hopes that Santa would fill out. Jaxon forgot what he was suppose to do, and below you will see he turned grinchy green too. Then mommy and Abby snuck away quick, and put little sponge curlers in their hair before anyone looked. Its tradition for long girls to get curlers tonight, and wake Christmas morning with curls oh so tight. So enjoy these great pictures and smiles you will have and tomorrow will come Santa and presents galore.

Jaxon's cookie adventure

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Stacie said...

Love the curlers. I didn't do them for our girls this year since we had a lot of people around and it was hard to fit things in. But I did them for all the little girls in the house about three Sundays ago. I have to say when I saw the picture of you with your hair all curled and down it warmed my heart.