Tuesday, December 21, 2010

For those of you who are familiar with Provo, one of the most beautiful places is this building The Provo Tabernacle. It was built back in the 1800's and has been remodeled several times and is used pretty much regularly. When I lived in my BYU ward we had many activities here. From Christmas programs, to Easter, to Stake Conference and just about anything. I loved this building for the grander it pro-trays. Abby calls this her Princess Castle. We have been there many times as a family and just the Tuesday before we had passed by it. On Friday December 17, 2010 in the early morning hours the building began to burn. It burned for 2-3 days, and is now being investigated to find out what the cause of the fire was. When Abby found out Friday morning that it was burning she sat and cried most of the day. "This was such a beautiful place Mommy, and it reminded me of beauty and of all the princess castles. I loved this memory with you Mommy, and I am really sad that it is gone. Will they rebuild it?" (Abby talking) I cannot tell her or you whether or not they will rebuild this beautiful building, but I can only hope if they don't that they rebuild something just as beautiful in its place, and don't turn it into a parking lot or something dumb like that.

This is the painting that was rescued at the Tabernacle. The church now has it, and has not confirmed what they will be doing with it. But is is a Christmas Miracle that it survived.

This photo is care of the Daily Herald Newspaper.

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