Sunday, October 03, 2010

Jaxon's mouth is doing much better although we went to the doctor's appointment and he has lost a bit of wait, and they say I have to fatten him up. He is suppose to be somewhere between 22-25 pounds, and he is just over 16. That means he lost 4 pounds after surgery. For a young baby that isn't great, so I am trying to do what I can to fix it. He doesn't like Ensure or those kind of drinks. Milk kills him, because all the acid and stuff doesn't mix well with his stomach. So I am trying all I can to get him to gain weight. I don't want to just feed him junk, because then he may gain too much weight and never want to eat good food again. Its trying to get this little boy to eat, but they want him to gain back the 4 pounds and then some within the next month. I am sorry you can only force a baby to eat and drink so much. I give him whole milk, and full fat yogurt and ice cream, and whatever. The doctor thinks that may be why he didn't lose more weight. So he at least is maintaining his weight now. If you have any suggestions send them my way. I was given a suggestion of giving him Gatorade so I am going to try that. I tried a power-bar with him this week and he did fine. It is hard though to tell Abby she can't have all that fat so she stays in a good weight, and keep it away from Daddy so he doesn't gain a bunch of weight. Stuff like that isn't an interest to me, so I don't have to worry. Abby is writing her name and Jaxon's name everywhere. She knows all her shapes, and colors. And even makes up some interesting shapes and colors. She is starting to read Dr. Seuss books by herself, and she is so happy. She wants to read Little House on the Prairie books, and Amelia Bedeila books. I read those when I was little and Abby and I call Amelia Glass her cousin (Stacie's 2nd daughter) Amelia Bedelia. Abby's favorite movie right now is the Tinkerbell: The Great Fairy Rescue. She has watched it everyday, and dances around the house all day saying, "Mom can we find a fairy too, I believe I can." Oh to be a child again. She loves to help in the kitchen and yesterday made biscuits all by herself. She can read and understand simple recipes and she gets all the ingredients out and puts them on the table. Then she measures it all out and mixes. Someday she tells me she might be the Next Iron Chef. Funny, because Dad and Mom watch that show. She loves to ride on her scooter outside, and can't wait for the snow. We went shopping last week, and bought her winter boots that are pink and brown. Since then, she has walked around all day in the house with them on. Jaxon is turning out to be a funny guy. He is now 15 months old. At his appointment he is 7% height and 5% weight. He loves to play with his car garage, that Grandma Sue gave him for his birthday. He loves to golf, although most of the time he enjoys hitting us all with the clubs instead of the balls. He is starting to color, and says very few words. He is definitely a moody boy. Every thing has to be just right, or he gets so mad. Boxes are his favorite thing to build with even though we have blocks etc. Then of course he has to knock them all over. This week the blog will be going private, so we hope that we have all of your email addresses so we don't miss anyone. We just think that the whole world doesn't need to know our business. Have a great week. We are getting ready this week to take our family Christmas pictures and hope that everyone will smile. Mommy has been writing the Christmas letter, and will soon be done. If we missed you somehow, send me an email at and I will get you an invite. THanks!!!!! :)

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