Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jaxon is exactly 2 1/2 feet tall. He now weighs 19 pounds. He is still so little and cute. He has 4 more teeth coming in right now, and has decided that he won't sleep past 5AM. Man he is so like mommy. Jaxon is really getting quite vocal, and if he doesn't like something he lets you know. He has 3 shows that he loves to watch. Sesame Street, Curious George and the Cat in the Hat. It is so good to have quality television that I don't have to worry about inappropriate things being mentioned or language. He loves to color. Jaxon is completely in love with the mop and the broom. Every time we go to the kitchen he has to have it. He sweeps the whole kitchen probably 30 times a day. What a great little helper. He loves pumpkins too. He wants to break them, poke holes in them, destroy them, and make a mess. This will be a fun year for trying to keep him out of everything. Not sure how I will keep him from the Christmas tree, but I refuse to not put one up just because he is destructo baby. Abby is so amazing. She is into doll houses and babies right now. She carries them around the house and puts them to bed for naps every day. She loves to color, paint, and is totally into decorating. We have moved her room around so many times that I just don't have any other way to do it. She has to cook something every day in the kitchen by herself. She is helping me write the Christmas card, and can't wait for the snow to fall. We can see the snow on the mountains, and she can't wait to teach Jaxon to sled. She is so glad he isn't a baby anymore. More fun activities to come.

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