Monday, May 10, 2010


We had so much fun at the annual Macey's Carnival. Abby loves bounce house, and running around being a kid. They have games you can play, prizes you can win, cheap yummy food, Moose Bars (popsicles) for the kids, balloons for the kids, and 10 cent hot dogs. It is so much fun to have a day that we can go together as a family and have fun at a very expensive price. Its good to be frugal, even when you have plenty of money to spend. Below are some of the things we did.

Our Friend Seanna works at Macey's in the Deli. We love her oh so much. She is the one who does all the face painting. She worked a few summer's at Disneyland and is very good at her job painting faces. But more than that we love her for her kindness and good friendship with Abby.

So this is a huge horse. Jaxon, YES JAXON, won this horse all by himself. It was a spinning wheel, and he grabbed on it and made it go in circles. And all of the sudden it landed on THE PONY. So many people were surprized that he could win it himself, and the funny thing is that the head is about as big as he is. :)

Jaxon and his horse. :)

Abby and the horse. So you can see that the horse is still bigger than even Abby. It is so fun to ride, and Abby says mom I don't have to pick up poop or even feed it. Ah the invention of the stuffed animal.

Bounce house 1!

Bounce house 2!

Abby smiling for the camera.

Bounce house 3!

The Moose bar MOOSE, JAXON, and mommy!!

Seanna and Abby. She painted a mermaid on Abby's face.

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