Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Abby our 4 year old. Oh we love that the sun has come out again. It makes it easier to get through the day, and it is so fun to play in the sun.

We love to draw with chalk, although we mostly were just trying to combine the colors and make color. It was fun.

This is the family joke and it is so funny. It is a picture of someone tanning in a salon, and they get burned. And there is also ice cream in the picture too. Someday you will have to ask me what that means, and I will explain it to you.

Jaxon loves the camera. He is getting to be a really big boy. He doesn't have all his bottom teeth yet, but he is getting a one year molar. Crazy kid. He will stand in the middle of the room, and walk along all the furniture in the room. Can't wait till he just takes the leap and let's go and WALKS.

What a cutie pie. He loves the camera, and loves life too.

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