Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Abby turns 4!!!
This year Abby had a Chuck E Cheese birthday party, it was fun but challenging for Daddy. I got the flu late Friday night after finishing the cake and cleaning the house. Great timing, I didn't want to miss it but would never have cancelled it. Thanks to all who helped Bradly with the party. I can hardly believe that she is already 4.

Amelia and Abby playing the bee game.

Abby getting her tickets, oh how exciting life is.

Abby opens present from her Aunt Stacie and Cousins. This is the greatest gift ever. She has fallen in love with this cutting food present. She loves to help me in the kitchen, and this is a much safer way to do it.

Abby was given some books too. I think we have read these books a million times so far.

Abby and her microphone. She loves disney songs so this was a big hit.

Abby and Lilly Kelson dancing with Chuck E Cheese.

Abby was given a crown and a special medal for her birthday. What a great treat!!

So I made the cake Friday night so it would be fresh and nice for the party. I got the flu that night so Bradly finished the top with the cones. It was a great cake with homemade strawberry jam as the filling.

Chuck E Cheese dancing.

Sam, Lilly, and Elizabeth Kelson on a ride. We love the Kelsons they are one of the greatest families that we have ever met. We will always be friends.

Lilly and Abby on the Trolley Car. Lots of fun things to do!

Abby in the climbing thing.

Lynn and Elizabeth Kelson playing air hockey. What a great mommy!

Ruth, Amelia, and Susannah are enjoying the yummie pizza that everyone shared.

Abby and Lilly in the big truck.

Our best little BOY friend ever Moroni Arciniega. He is so well mannered and behaved thank heaven for good boys.

Lynn, Sam and Elizabeth on the dragon ride. Lots of fun.

Amelia and Susannah on the Trolley.

Ruth and Susannah on the dragon.

Abby and Ruth in the big truck.

This is the Chuck E Cheese birthday dance, Happy Birthday Abby darling. We love you!!

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