Tuesday, March 02, 2010

So for the past 5 days our house had the cold going around. Abby had the flu, and then was better. I had a cold, Dad had a cold, and Jaxon was just starting to get a cold. Saturday morning all seemed well. We went to Maceys to get some milk and bread, and Jaxon was happy and smiling with everyone. Around 3 pm, he just started vomitting everything. He didn't have any wet or poopy diapers, and everything went south from there. He was not a happy camper at all. So I sent Bradly and Jaxon to Orem Community Hospital to find out what was going on. He had been tugging on his ear so I was afraid of an ear infection, but what was causing the vomitting. After 5 hours at Orem Community Hospital, they transfered them to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo. The bigger hospital and to an area where they can handle super sick kids. My sister Stacie came and picked me, and took Abby to Grandma Long's for the night to sleep over. I arrived at the hospital to a very sick boy. He seemed even worse than before. They had cathed him 2 times to get pee and nothing was working. They drew lots of blood samples, and he was hooked up to tons of machines. So at about 2 am Sunday morning they cathed him again, and were able to get some pee finally. They took more blood, and suctioned his nose to send more tests off. They told us his white cell counts were off the charts, and for an infant that scares them. He was in the 30,000s. One nurse said it seems as if he had food poisoning, and the Rhino virsus. I don't think any really knows what he had. Sunday around 5 pm, he would finally take an ounce of formula. So we just kept feeding him when he wanted it, and could handle it. More tests his blood count was down to the 17,000s which is the high end of normal. Thank-you Heavenly Father. Sunday morning Abby came to visit with Grandma, and then went to church with Grandma and Stacie. She ate dinner with them and then Grandma took her home with Bradly. Jaxon and I spent Sunday night together alone. It was pretty hard. He would only sleep if I held him in one postion on my chest and lap, so of course I didn't get to sleep. But Monday morning they told us he seemed to be doing better, and that we could go home. I am so gald to be home. Tired, worn out, and ready to be in our own house.

Jaxon felt I am sure that he was in prison. This is a very hard experience for an 8 month old. I do not wish this on anyone, and hope that noone has to experience this soon. They still aren't really sure what is going on. He has the Rhino virsus, and the flu. His white counts were all over the board, and I am sure we will have many more tests to follow.

Our little Jaxon hasn't been a very happy camper. It was the first time he has been sick since he was born. He hadn't even had the typical running nose or cold, instead he went sick and it ended up in a stay in the hospital for the weekend.

Here are Dad and Jaxon the morning we were able to go home. It has been a long weekend, and we are ready. Daddy stayed the first night with mommy and Jaxon, and then came home to spend the night and give Abby love.

Abby thought she needed to be in the pictures too, but she made it clear to all of us that she was very glad to be a vistor instead of the patient.

Abby wearing a mask to prevent spreading any germs to Jaxon. We all were sheltered in our own little world.

Mommy and Jaxon trying to smile and make the best of the situation.

Here are mommy and Jaxon after a very long adventure of a weekend. I am so glad that we are coming home. I do not envy mothers with premies or really sick children. After 2 days of absolutely no sleep, I can barely function.

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