Saturday, March 06, 2010

It's SNOWING again!!

So Utah has kinda not really had a winter this year. The other day it was warm and sunny and 58 degrees. No snow around in the valleys, and barely even any in the mountains. Now for Utah that is strange, but we have had a very small snowpack. So Friday the 5th of March we awoke to a rather large snow amount in the valleys. It wasn't really fun to shovel, because it was slush on the bottom layer and then topped by about 4 inches of powder. Lucky for us the kids love to play in the snow, and it does make Utah rather pretty. So here are some pictures of the play adventure. The neighbors built an igloo, and Jaxon thought it was amazing.

Jaxon posing in front of the igloo that the neighbors built.

Jaxon loves to lay in the snow and kick his feet, Good thing they invented snowsuits to keep our kids warm.

Jaxon at first wasn't sure whether or not he wanted to get in the snow, so he sat on the sidewalk and watched for awhile. He laughed as the kids hit each other with snow, and laughed even harder when they were cold and wet.

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