Saturday, March 13, 2010

Argh the kids are sick again. Can't we just get better and stay better. Abby has had a cough and a cold and the flu, all over the last 3 weeks. It just seems to carry on. And now there are allergies to watch for. So she is coughing and sneezing and very little voice. Jaxon caught a cold this time. He has a cough and a runny nose, and we are hoping that it doesn't land us back in the ER or for a hospital stay like the the last one did. Dr. said even he has had something similiar for about 7 weeks. Thats comforting to me, NOT!! Well the day started out raining, and because the kids are sick I had to play the MEAN MOM, and not let them outside. So instead they watched through my window. It was so cute watching both of them looking out the window wishing they could play that we snapped a couple of pictures. The weather turned and its now snowing, but WAIT isn't SPRING NEXT WEEK. Oh the weather in Utah. You wish and pray for snow all winter for the skiers and for the water level, and fire danger. Then you want spring to come because you are sick of all the snow, and yet it continues to snow through the end of April. We will see!!

Jaxon and Abby looking out my bedroom window on the second floor, wishing they could just play outside.

Abby doesn't seem to mind as much as Jaxon. She knows that if MOM says NO OUTSIDE, its for a good reason. Because we spend a ton of time outdoors when they are healthy and its relatively nice weather. And yes even to play in the snow.

Poor Jaxon, he really thinks that MOM IS MEAN. He wanted outside so bad, that he spent most of the afternoon crying and being moody. No afternoon nap even, STINKER!! :)

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