Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our little Jaxon continues to grow. He amazes me everyday. Jaxon is trying so hard to walk. We have had to get gates to keep him from the stairs so that he doesn't take a tumble, and have had to re-teach Abby and Daddy how to shut a bathroom door. Abby found out the hard way the other day when Jaxon put her brush in the potty. YUK!! bye bye brush!

Our little Abigail the cutest model on the block. We went to the sale at Old Navy and our little Hannah Montana is very stylish and hip. She went through the whole store, but would only pick out items that she thought Hannah would wear. How am I going to explain to her when Miley stops playing Hannah Montana? I am hoping that by then, she will have moved on to the next ever amazing thing in her life.

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