Sunday, February 07, 2010

Life As We Know It

I have decided that I am going to do a bit of journaling in the blog so that I don't have to have a journal for the kids and a blog. Just combine them, and share with everyone the fun things we do. So Abby is 3 3/4 years old. Abby loves playing princess, and shares a love for princesses with a love for fairies. She is caught between Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, Snow White, Aurora, and Tinkerbell. Abby loves to cook and make messes. She has a love for girly things such as make-up, beautiful hair, and finger nail painting; she sure didn't get that from mom. Abby loves watching movies. Some of her favorites are: SpongeBob, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Dora, Little Einsteins, Disney movies galore, Curious George and Hannah Montana. She acts like she is going on thirteen or 30. She loves to dance, play board games, and play with out neighbors Donovan and KaLeah. She also is really a great little snugglier. As long as you are willing to give her your lap, she will jump on up only if you have a blanky to cuddle with. Abby's favorite colors are pink, purple, brown and orange. When she grows up she wants of course to become a princess, just like snow white. Now on to our little guy, Jaxon. He is 7 1/2 months old. He has 6 teeth completely in, and is working on more. He crawls everywhere and is into everything. We were so funny saying we wanted him to crawl. Jaxon has a huge acid problem which causes him to barf alot, but we still love him. He loves Sweet Potatoes, and has decided to quit eating baby food and eat big people food. Abby says she loves that he is nice to people, and smile for them easily. Jaxon loves to play with Daddy, and it is so fun to hear them laugh and giggle together. Daddy blows on his tummy, and he screams loudly. Jaxon walks along furniture, and when you are laying on the bed he will come over and stare at you till you pick him up. He follows my voice to find me in different places in the house, and it is so fun to have a little boy to dress and teach. They are definately different than girls for sure. I chew on everything that I can get my mouth on, I walk in the bathtub, and love to crawl everywhere. I hope to walk soon. I have a little jiggle bug that I love to play with, and I am finally loving rattles and things that I can fit in my hand and throw. I just wish that we could understand what Jaxon is saying. Abby loves to refer to herself and talk in the third person, it drives me nuts though. We have a wonderful family and I am so grateful for the 2 kids that we get to raise and watch grow up everyday. We are taking the kids to get pictures taken soon, and will post some of them on here. Thank-you so much for the things that we learn. Although life at times may be challenging, we are grateful for the trials and tribulations that we are given.

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