Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Photos Take 2 and Thoughts

Today was the second time that we tried family pictures. My hat goes off to families with tons of little kids. I don't know how you do it. I have only two and it is really hard to get them both in good moods, and smiling and looking at the camera. I will post some pictures of just Abby herself, the two kids together, mom and the kids, dad and the kids, and then we took a few family pictures. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we do. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy and Healthy New Year. Our little Abby will be 4 in April and Jaxon is a few days away from 6 months. This year has gone by quickly for us. It has been fun to see Abby getting ready for Santa Clause to come this year. She is diffently learning more about being naughty and nice, and the list. Every night before bed she asks which list she is on. We are trying to teach kindness and service to her, instead of the I wants. It has been tough, but I think we are getting better at it. She sat down the other day, and tried to explain to Jaxon about being naughty and nice, and about her friend Santa. She told him if he didn't sleep better at night and stop waking her up, he was going to stay on the naughty list. She also told him he had to stop barfing on everyone. This is the Christmas I enjoy. Seeing the happiness in your childrens eyes, making yummy treats and spoiling neighbors, and reading the story of Jesus birth. Too bad more of you aren't closer, because there are many we would like to spoil and share this time of year with. We have been talking about Jesus more, and how he is with us everywhere. Abby is so cute, she looks up at the mountain by our house and tells us every Sunday that she can see Jesus up there. I just look at her innocence and say, "Yes honey he is up there." She is such an emotional little girl. We have had to be careful of what we say around her pertaining to death and heaven. She wanted to know where Grandpa Long is, and I of course didn't want to lie so I told her he is in heaven. That was a mistake I guess. For such a young girl, she fears death and worries about it everytime she sees a soldier on television, or hears someone mention death. Why is it that these innocent little kids have to learn at such a young age about death and violence. I have tried to shield her as much as I can, but have failed. The other day she told me she was afraid to die and go to heaven, because she would miss her friends so so so much. She loves our neighbors the Mortenson's. Everyday she watches for Jayson (the dad) to come home from work so she can open the door and pop out her head and tell him "Hi." Her best friends other than the Kelson family, and Moroni are Donovan and KaLeah and Shana (the mom). We have been really blessed having such great normal neighbors for once. Everytime we move we fear what we are going to get, but this time we lucked out. Thank heavens!!!

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