Friday, February 07, 2014

May, June, and July 2013
Fun in the sun is how we spent most of our summer. Tanning and playing and cooling ourselves off. The babies love the water, Jaxon is finally more independent, and Abby is all grown up.

Abby at the Lindon Pool

Abby holding babies in the water. On the left is Elly in the pink and yellow, and on the right is Izzy

Jaxon and Abby love going to the Lowe's build and grow classes. Here is El Chup from the Disney movie Planes

 Entered the babies in Orem Summerfest under multiples/siblings and they came in 2nd overall. This is Elly

                                                Abby and Jaxon live up life in the pool all summer long.
                Here they made Dusty from the Disney movie Planes. It is great to see the independence.
                                                          Jaxon is super proud of himself.
                            Izzy at Orem Summerfest. 2nd place winners overall for siblings/multiples.
                      Abby and Jaxon at Sevens Peak. They actually decided to go on a bunch of tube rides.                                               Makes me proud that they are growing up and are so brave.
                                                                 Jaxon at Lindon Pool
                                                   Mommy and Elly chilling in the warm summer sun
                                Posed together as 2nd place overall winners. Izzy left, and Elly right
 Jaxon riding the rides at Summerfest. So much fun to hear him laugh and giggle, and see his amazing smile.
                                                       Beautiful girls. Elly right and Izzy left.
         Our favorite time of the day, when we get to splash and play and be ourselves.Izzy left and Elly right,

                  Mom we are so tired after our amazing day out. Izzy is on the left in the monkey swimsuit, and                                                                               Elly on the right.

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