Saturday, February 08, 2014

January 2014
                              Abby our little sweetheart. Hard to believe that she will be 8 this year!!

                                           Elly's most favorite thing to play in is her little basket.

                        Elly's new trick. Eat your dinner, and then fall forward while you are fast asleep.

                                               What momma, I love this fun little basket. Elly

                     Elly drinking out of her sippy. It took us a few miserable days and nights to get them off the                                                                 bottle, but we finally succeeded,

                                  Our little Buzy Izzy. Never a dull moment with this little girl around.

                     Apples are a girls best friend, forget the diamonds. Maybe when I get older. Izzy

                                                           Izzy finally taking to her sippy

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