Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yesterday was the funeral for Uncle Mac. It was great to see so many family members there to support Aunt Pam and her family. We are saddened for their loss, but know we will be united again in Heaven. We hope that they can find a comfort that will help them as time passes by. It reminded me a lot of my Dad's funeral 5 years ago, and how grateful our family was that we had so many friends and family around us during that time. Here are some pictures and videos I took during and after the funeral. It was a beautiful sunny day in Salem Utah, with a slight breeze blowing. A beautiful place to lay a loved one to rest.

Here my mom Sue Ann is talking with her brothers Carmen and Pual, and his wife Gay.

Stacie and Dallin at the luncheon

Abby and Amelia

Arrangement sent from BYU. Uncle Mac graduated from BYU in 1975.

Steven and Dallin Davis, Carmen and Jeannie Davis, and Mary's friend.

Ross, Angela, and Ruth

Ross's daughter

Paul and Gay Davis drove from Washington to be here for the funeral.

Carrying Uncle Mac to the grave site

Taking Mac from the funeral at the Church to the Cemetary

Mary and family coming out from the funeral at the church.

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