Monday, August 02, 2010

Macey's Summer Carnival Saturday July 31, 2010

Macey's is really good at being a store for children. They have so many great free events and wonderful food deals and live music. This time they offered Steak Dinners for $3 each, free carnival games for kids, live music and lots of toys and free samples. The kids love going to Macey's on Saturday morning to see all the fun things that they have to offer.

Abby's favorite things are bounce houses.

Here is the other bounce house they had. So much fun.

Abby decided to get her face painted. Sometimes she is so picky, and will make them paint her arm instead. But this time it was her face. She chose flowers and vines.

They had a little place even for live animals. There was a baby calf, a baby goat, and a little baby pony. Jaxon had the best time trying to figure out why there are live animals in the parking lot of Macey's. He made noises at them, and was excited when they sounded back.

Here Abby is doing the Donut game. Had to keep your hands away and get the donut.

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