Sunday, January 11, 2015

It waited this year right until about 1:30 AM to begin to snow. So we ended up with a beautiful snow filled white Christmas. We are blessed to enjoy another amazing year full of memories, love, friends, and family. We have had a busy year for 2014, but we are definitely glad it is over soon and that we are excited for what 2015 may hold for us. Here a few pictures of our Christmas morning for all of you to enjoy. May the spirit of Christmas be with you throughout the whole year, may we remember the reason for the season, and may we remember to bless the lives of others always. Merry Christmas!!!!!

 Izzy (L) and Elly (R)


Daddy the elf and Jaxon our lively bud

Izzy (L) and Elly (R) reading books

Daddy found new boots under the tree



 Izzy (L) and Elly (R)

 Izzy opening present from Grandma Sue

 Elly opening warm new pajamas
 Jaxon's Dusty plane
 Abby and Jaxon sending love to all
 Abby opened playdough, cookie cutters, rolling pin etc
 New scooter for Jaxon
 Izzy and her new baby and blanket
 First snow for the season and very welcomed on Christmas morning
 Elly reading books, and yes she put the bows on herself
 Christmas Tree 2014. Kids checking it out, Santa came
 Jaxon and Santa@ ward christmas party
 Abby and Santa @ward christmas party. She asked for a cell phone
 Santa and Izzy@ ward christmas party. Not a fan of Santa still
Jaxon and Elly smiling for the camera, and Izzy running away

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