Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 3, 2012 Went for the ultrasound today at 20 weeks. Dad, Abby, Jaxon, and mom but Jaxon was misbehaving so Dad took him out. The first thing the ultrasound tech says is, "Your twins look great." I said my what. She asked didn't I know it was twins, and I replied this is my first ultrasound. Surprise she said. Abby asked me what twins meant and I had to explain to her that meant their were 2 babies instead of one. Next thing Abby says is, " Please please tell me there is at least one girl." The tech replies well both of your babies are going to be girls. Abby was so happy, I was still in super shock from the fact that my family was doubling in size, and that I would have 2 little babies to take care of at once, instead of one. I hope that this adventure doesn't do me in. This changes a lot of things. My due date is no longer August 21 because they won't let me go past 37 weeks which would be July 31st. Put more commonly twins are born 34-36 weeks. So I am hoping they will stay in at least until July. So at this point my due date is just a guessing game. We will call the 2 girls: Izabella Grace Wiscombe and Elizabeth Rose Wiscombe. So all the girls nicknames will begin with a vowel, have double same letters in the middle, and a "Y" at the end. So it will be Abby, Izzy, and Elly. Poor Dad and Jaxon will be so outnumbered they won't know what to do.

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