Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Wow it has been a long time since I visited and updated this blog. I have a lot of reasons as to why, but who cares. So I will be posting a few different updates with pictures and without so that all of you can follow our family. One of the biggest reasons that I haven't been blogging is that I injured my back. Not sure exactly how it happened, but they called it a severe sprained lower spine. I have been pretty much laying down flat for 2 weeks, and boy has it been a boring time. I am sure though if you asked my children they would say it affected them the most. It is hard to go from playing with mom, homemade meals, parks, shopping, and fun; to mom having to lay flat and hardly move at all. Finally I can sit up for an hour at a time, and limit my walking around. I sure hope that I am done with this soon. So my kids have been eating fast food, and cereal thanks to Dad's great care for the last 2 weeks. I made them spaghetti last night, and Abby said this is the yummiest dinner we have had in a long time, please say your back is better. So wish me luck, and keep our family in your prayers that I will be completely back to normal soon.

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