Monday, February 14, 2011

HAPPY HAPPY VALENTINE'S TO ALL OF YOU. We hope that today you feel love and kindness all around you. We have had a terrific day and are happy to share it with all of you.

Daddy bought Jaxon and Abby lovely Valentine's Day cups. They are super excited and want to drink everything out of these cups only.

I made heart hamburgers for lunch today. Every meal will be made from the heart, and some will have hearts in them. Abby thought maybe I was a little crazy making heart hamburgers, but Valentine's Day comes just once a year. Although as we have been teaching her, you need to love everyday of the year.

Cupid brought Jaxon a JAXBEAR for Valentine's Day. When he woke up this morning he found this waiting for him.

Cupid brought Abby a BUGGY Ladybug for Valentine's Day. Oh what a hit this was.

Mom made chocolate heart pancakes and heart eggs for breakfast, and even let us have chocolate syrup, cool whip, and cherries on them. Boy she spoils us, but they really were YUMMY!!!

Mom made white chocolate dipped apples today, and they were yummy. She spoils us in so many ways and we are grateful for all that she does for us. From laundry, to cleaning, to reading to us, to snuggling up tight, and to being there to fix us scraps.

Lasagna is for dinner with green salad and garlic bread. Daddy is at work until midnight so Mommy, Jaxon, and Abby will have dinner.

Here is the cake we are making for dinner. I haven't finished it so I thought I would just use their picture. Put on ours we will have strawberries.

Wouldn't it be nice if we recognized Valentine's Day all year every day? In our house we try and make it that way. A lot of changes in our house has enabled me to spend a lot more time with Jaxon and Abby alone. We are in a good routine right now, and it seems to make the day go by a lot easier and smoother. I cannot wait for the sun to come out and stay. Over the last four days we really have been spoiled with the warm weather, and are excited for Spring and Summer. We want to share our love with all of you. We wish those who are serving in the military right now love and support. We wish our friends the best day ever, and our families eternal love. We are grateful for the examples of true love that we have had in our lives. We wish to send love to all of you. Our family goals this year is 365 nice things for others. So some of you may find packages in the mail, others might receive letters or notes, and some will find cupcakes and treats on their porches. LOVE TO ALL OF YOU!!!

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