Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Jaxon is walking.

Way to go Jaxon you finally did it. He still loves to crawl, because he can move faster. But he walks. Abby finds that to be so amazing. She has waited 11 months for him to now be fun enough to play with. Jaxon is 11 months old, and has recently had all the rest of his teeth come in at once. He has been cranky, but we are hoping to be done with that now. It finally is getting warmer, and we may see summer like weather. The pools are open and we can't wait to get him swimming.

Abby is getting older and older. She made chocolate chip pancakes yesterday by herself, and feels so accomplished. She can decorate cupcakes pretty well, better than some who claim to be cake decorators. The other big story was Dad took Jaxon out of the tub the other day, and was suppose to get him dressed. Well he did get him dressed, but failed to put a diaper on him. Who does that? Well he quickly learned why we don't do that. POOP everywhere. Jaxon crawled across Abby's foot and left poop, poop all over the bedding, and even on Dad. Way to go Dad maybe next time you should just put the DIAPER on.

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