Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Abby and her FISH!!!

Abby is falling in love with fish and the Fish Master at the Orem Macey's. She loves it so much we go see his show every saturday he does them. He brings in different fish or sea creatures. She has seen some lobster and crabs, she especially loves the fact that she can get her hands slimy and go and touch the fish.

Abby loved the octopus, I wanted to get her to put it on her head, but she was not that brave.

Do you remember in Finding Nemo when Marlin and Dori are "just keep swimming" and they go down to the bottom of the ocean floor, well the above pic is a monk fish, just like the fish in Finding Nemo, it has a fishing pole on its head that glows, Abby thought it was cool to see the same type of fish in real life.

This is the Wild Stripped Bass, We even purchased some fillets of this fish, She did not like eating the fish as much as holding the fish.

This is the Tile Fish, Abby was right up there holding up the fish with the Master!!!

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